Talk Nerdy to Me: The Lost Cards

Hey y’all! In this week’s Talk Nerdy to Me we’re going to discuss something a bit different: the cards the fewest distinct readers. That is to say, they’re the cards where the fewest number of specific users have read them. Let’s dive into the data!




As we can clearly see, less than 25 of you have read each of these individual cards, and for some of them it’s less than 20! That’s not too many people.


Of course, there’s a straightforward factor affecting this: a lot of these cards come from later in the year, and as the semester grinds on and work piles up, everyone will prioritize what needs to get done differently. I definitely think, however, that reading SHRIMP should be first on the list for everyone!


Some of them are not just cards that come later in the semester, but that are also buried deep in the middle of longer readings. This is interesting because it implies that everyone isn't just clicking directly through the readings for the week, but instead navigating a different way. This is exactly what SHRIMP is meant to do, so it's very cool to see that happening, but of course everyone should be trying to get that smiley face to replace the green progress bar every week. Let's see if you can do that with the semester coming to a close soon!


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