Talk Nerdy to Me: A (not so) Shrimpy Christmas

Talk Nerdy to Me: A (not so) Shrimpy Christmas

Here at SHRIMP we hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Winter Break—we know we did! And we also know that at least a few of you got the best gift on Christmas: the gift of knowledge, for which some of you got the “Nerds on Christmas” badge. Accordingly, this week we wanted to check out how our vacation days affected reading habits.




The first and most obvious number is the clear climb of views per day as the break came to an end on the 3rd and 4th of January. Unsurprisingly, everyone started getting back into the rhythm of higher education when everyone had to also leave the apartment and head into university. What is surprising, however, about the post-break increase in reading is that the 1st of January had more views than the 2nd—many of you made the wise decision to start 2018 with a good night’s rest and some high quality, networked reading on SHRIMP. The increase also already began on the 31st of December, which could indicate that some of you had already returned home to Leipzig and begun working.


Interestingly as well, there’s no drop off going into the break—even though it only started on the 20th of December, the 18th and 19th have views per day comparable with the height of the break. This is most likely caused by the university’s decision to have a half-week of courses going into the break, but could also simply be a function of when the majority of LC1 seminars take place. In any case, it’s a bit surprising!


All in all, we’re glad that so many of you have already been active in 2018, and if anyone is looking for a New Years resolution, then keeping up with SHRIMP might be perfect for you!

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