How You Used Shrimp This Semester

The semester is coming to an end - while you are probably busy with your exams at this point, we are evaluating and interpreting your and your fellow students’ interaction data. With these numbers and statistics, we primarily intend to help you to learn more about yourself and your learning behavior. Maybe you consider yourself as some kind of learning type – for example, as someone who likes to annotate a lot. The figures can show you if this is actually the case and help you to maybe adjust your learning methods in the future. And incidentally, by looking at the statistics we can find out how we can improve the platform (by having a look at which features were used more or less frequently, for example).

Anyway, we don't want to withhold the results of this analysis from you any longer! We have selected the average usage figures and the high scores of this semester to show you. It is important to say that these numbers do not always tell you something about the actual learning success of the individual user - so please don't feel pressured if your numbers are below the average (or the high scores). Simply go to  to learn more about your own numbers, or to to learn more about your (likely) learning characteristics.

On average you used SHRIMP 1.6 days a week, annotated 137 times, wrote one comment, clicked on 13 hyperlinks, wrote 114 words in the notepad.

The high scorers among you were online in 3.2 days, made 1306 annotations, commented 21 times, clicked on 115 hyperlinks and wrote 1119 words in the notepad. Wow, that’s impressive!

This little graphic summarizes the results:


All in all, we are pretty happy with these figures.  Your average usage of SHRIMP is remarkable – it means that most of you were actually using SHRIMP a lot to learn and prepare for class and the exam. The results show, however, that the commenting feature and the notepad are still used relatively little compared to the annotations.

We're happy that the platform is so well received. We constantly aim to improve SHRIMP to keep the scores as good as now!