Midterm Survey: The Results

Sometimes you have to ask to find out if someone is okay. That goes for friends, family, colleagues... and especially for you! In order to adapt SHRIMP better to your needs, it is super important for us to know whether you are satisfied with the platform and if you think we could improve certain features or processes. That’s why we started a short midterm survey on SHRIMP a few weeks ago. Here are the results!

First, we asked how you generally feel about your learning experience on SHRIMP. You could click on a smiley that represented your mood the best. A lot of you have positive feelings about the platform, some of you might feel a bit stressed of it. The graphic represents the number of smileys you clicked on; the more votes, the bigger the smiley face.

Smileys Midterm Survey

We also asked you why you feel in a certain way. As you can imagine, we got very diverse answers, but we were able to group them into categories. For example, some of you found the reading stimulating and multidisciplinary, and that it could open up new perspectives for you. You also answered that SHRIMP helped you to learn new reading skills like annotating or using the notepad. For us, it was also nice to read that the features and badges in SHRIMP motivated you to learn more. On the other side, you also articulated some frustrations: Some of you answered that the workload felt too high and that the amount of content varied too much, or that the navigation and the features confused you a bit sometimes.

Then we wanted to know which feature on SHRIMP you like most and why. Your top 3 are:  
Using the notepad (“because it helps to collect thoughts about the text and look them up again later”), annotating (“because it is easier and clearer in SHRIMP than with printed text, which makes the learning easier”) and commenting (“because it offers the possibility to discuss with the cohort”).

Last but not least we asked you if you are content with the guidance provided on SHRIMP. Most of you answered this question in the affirmative. The ones of you that were less content answered that they wished there was a tutorial for how to use SHRIMP and its features. Interesting! We might work on something that helps to guide our future students better through SHRIMP, starting next semester… in the meantime, there are some video tutorials here: www.shrimpp.de/blog/video-tutorials-how-use-shrimp-101.

If you were not able to participate or can think of other things you would have liked to see when using SHRIMP, you still have the opportunity to give us more detailed feedback in a survey at the end of the semester. Besides that, feel free to provide use with your thoughts and wishes by using the contact form.