Review: Tag der Lehre 2019

Last Friday, November 8, 2019, the SHRIMP team introduced the platform at “5. Tag der Lehre” with the format “Digitale Insel” on the main campus of the University of Leipzig. The focus of this year’s event was on the future of higher education (“Zukunft der Lehre”) - a perfect setting for presenting our current project results and plans.

Attendees from various disciplines came by to ask us questions about the project and the platform. For many it was particularly interesting to consider how the previous findings and experiences with SHRIMP could be used to create social hypertexts and online platforms similar to SHRIMP for other disciplines than American Studies, e.g. educational and natural sciences - this resulted in very interesting conversations and discussions.

Many thanks to the team behind the event, it was great to present our project again this year.

You can find the poster we displayed attached below the blog entry.




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