Students‘ Goals and Wishes for the Current Class

When starting a class, everbody has their personal goals – some people want to improve their skills or knowledge, some just want to pass, other’s like to be one of the best. Did you wonder what your fellow students aspire to? We have the answer!
Via the test you had to do before using SHRIMP, we not only wanted to find out which of our four learning types you are closest to (click here to read the blog entry) but also figure out what your personal goals for this semester are and where you would like to have some special support. Here are the results.

When asked about your goals for the seminar you could type your answers freely instead of choosing a given option. Nevertheless, we could group your answers into four categories: "Expand my knowledge, learn something new," "improve my academic skills," "earn credits/to pass," and "good performance, to be the best in class." As you can see in the graph, the most important thing to most of you is to learn something new and expand your knowledge.

Students Personal Goals for the Course

We also wanted to know what kind of support you would like to have while using SHRIMP. As you can see in the graph, tutoring and feedback as well as access to additional material such as links and exercises are important for you.

In this context it was also interesting to find out which functions of social networks you use most. These are chats (50 out of 97 students) and memes (45 out of 97 students). We are currently developing a chatbot to support our future students und their learning even better and more extensively on SHRIMP – starting next semester.