SHRIMP is back for a new project phase

The SHRIMP team is happy to announce that we have been able to secure funding from  for our next project phase, which will last from now until December 2020, allowing us to build on what we have learned in the previous phases, try out new things and implement new features. This will happen in the context of of the joint project Advanced Learning and Examination Spaces in Saxony (ALExS.sax) 2019/2020, which is part of the SMWK-funded intiative Bildungsportal Sachsen, whom we thank for giving us the opportunity to develop the project further for a second time.

In this new phase, SHRIMP will continue to focus on learning analytics, but this time with an eye towards machine learning and new interactive features for the platform, which will help our students to maximize their potential while using SHRIMP. After successfully introducing the different interaction profiles last semester, we now want to see how we can further personalize the platform to suit each student's needs and to make learning on SHRIMP the best possible experience. We are excited to get the chance to do this and will keep you updated on our progress both here and on our facebook page.


Stay tuned as Shrimpy gets his creative juices flowing for this exciting new chapter!


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