SHRIMP at Tag der Lehre 2018

On November 7, 2018, the SHRIMP team had the opportunity to introduce the platform to the attendees at the "Digitale Inseln zum Ausprobieren" at the University's main campus. This year, the topic at the heart of Tag der Lehre was digitalization in the context of higher learning, making it the ideal forum to introduce SHRIMP.

Not only were we able to show how SHRIMP works to various interested attendees who came to our 'island', we also had the chance to discuss different ways to tap into the full potential of social hypertexts with SHRIMP in the future. We appreciated the opportunity to share SHRIMP with those attending from the University of Leipzig and other institutes of higher learning in Germany and were eager to hear the positive feedback and thought-provoking questions related to SHRIMP. 

Also on display was the poster explaining SHRIMP in a nutshell: MostRecentVersionPosterTDL.jpg