Your Test Results and the Meta-Shrimp

The semester is finally in full swing and we’re back with some stats! In case you were wondering where the results of the test went that you took before starting out on SHRIMP – here they are, neatly cast into a beautiful chart!Based on the answers you gave in the test, we calculated a profile of scores. These reflect how strongly you lean towards each of the four interaction profiles we observed on SHRIMP so far: Ambitious Annotator, Cooperative Communicator, Individual Explorer and Conservative Reader.

Don’t worry though, we're not publishing any individual data (and won't ever do that). Instead, this chart is about your interaction profile as a group, based on the average values your cohort showed for each of the interaction profiles. Thus, the chart does not indicate how many of you were categorized into one type or another, but how strong these profiles are present in all of you together, as a group.

The Meta-ShrimpToo abstract? Just imagine a swarm of little shrimps (that’s you guys) joining their powers to form a huge meta-shrimp – and that’s who this chart represents. Let’s have a look at what your cohort's meta-shrimp looks like: According to the chart, it has a very strong tendency towards being an Ambitious Annotator, with weaker, but significant traces of a Conservative Reader and an Individual Explorer, and a hint of a Cooperative Communicator.

It will be interesting to see how the values for these interaction profiles change as you guys interact with SHRIMP and discover new and exciting ways to use it that work best for you. Until then, it's always interesting to see where you stand in relation to our meta-shrimp - maybe you're surprised that there's more Individual Explorers out there than you thought, or maybe you want to become one of the rarer Cooperative Communicators? Have fun with it and watch how your interaction profile (and your Shrimpy) changes!

The Meta-Shrimp